connect with your inner artist.

We believe that everyone has a creative heart.

Do you think of yourself as a creative?  Do you enjoy the idea of creating but don’t know where to start?  

The truth is, ALL of us have the core desire to express ourselves creatively. Finding your creative voice is a journey that connects you to yourself, others, and God.  The beautiful part of creating is that it can be ANYTHING you want it to be– it’s not limited to any specific medium.

This is about YOU.  We believe that everyone has a creative CORE and that your life is your art.

Creative Core Collective was created for anyone and everyone that has the passion and interest to express themselves in a safe, uncritical, and supportive environment. This is a journey for all of us, and we are here to guide and watch you flourish every step of the way.

Do you have the courage?  Do you have the courage to bring forth this work?  The treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you will say yes.  – Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

Tricia and I have similar mindsets on creative hearts but bring two different energies to this project.  Stuck in our own creative slumps, we started sharing ideas and creating together.  We learned that by sharing ideas and thoughts with one another, we were reconnecting with our own creative spirits.

After many coffee dates, we realized that when we create something new we feel most at home and have a full hearts.  Together we have come to the conclusion that our art is not our only work; it is imperative to our lives that we share what we have learned on our creative journey with others.  We want to ignite a creative passion that will burn bright.

To understand a work of art, you have to study the heart of the artist.  We will be studying ourselves as much as we will be creating.  God is the ultimate artist and what a testament to Him to create art and explore our own hearts.


What will this look like for you?

Our first dive into this huge idea will be a 3 week project, and it will be free and open for everyone. Each week on Mondays and Thursdays at 10am CT we will take turns sharing a short lesson via pre-recorded video and that ends with a creative prompt to get you started (on our instagrams). You will also get access to our facebook group and become a part of a supportive and inclusive community that welcomes thoughtful conversations, extra creative ideas and prompts, and sharing work pertaining to the project.

We realize that some people may want to follow along on the journey and not share their work… that’s great too!  We want this project to grow into a space that helps everyone find the artist within them, no matter what your day job is!

We are here for for guidance, encouragement, community, and most importantly: positivity!

Be a part of something beautiful and let’s get connected with our creative CORE.

To learn more about Tricia and her passion for art, visit her website here.

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